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WELCOME! Please read the stuff bellooowww

:evillaugh: Welcome to the underground world Demons and Demon-ettes! Seems like you have done something terrible in your life and ended up in Hell. You naughty naughty! :devil: So heres the thing you demon thing you :dummy:. There are a few things you need to know before you wander off into this Hell Whole. :XD: Yes there are even a few rules in this dump... X)

:bulletred: You can either be with the Hell Angels who are trying to purify Hell and make it an underground Heaven (Hellven).
Or with the Cirque Du Hell cast with KimRenYa who are rebellions against the Hell Angels and are being hunted down by some and are trying to make sure the world is balanced.
Or be on the nothing side :XD:. Where you are just a demon who doesn't care for what's happening in the world and is on practically both sides.

:bulletorange: You can be all kinds of demons. You can be a certain kind of animal demon a .... uh...ANY KIND! :XD:. BUT! The worst of all kinds of demons are the Devil Demons. Because the real Devil was destroyed years ago, there are only Devil Demons. Desendents from the Devil. :la: (I know... kinda confusing ^^;) And what ever you did when you were alive and killing, usually refers to what you are as a demon. So say you killed someone by putting a snake on them, you would probably become a snake demon. And it doesn't even have to be an animal demon. One of my characters took peoples limbs apart, cutting them up. So when he went to hell, his limbs would always hall apart every now and then. So now he carries a bag full of random limbs just incase :aww:.

:bulletyellow: You need to interact with other Demons. Yes... I know. It's shocking. There is actually SOCIAL people in this empty land :dummy:. Get to know other demons (RP :la:). Don't be to shy, we only bite, slaughter, kill, and posses that's all :heart:.

:bulletgreen: Even though this is about Hell. There is nothing really religious about it. It is just a random story in here, so most of this stuff about Hell really isn't all true. Just some stuff a 13 year old created in her tainted head :XD:. So please don't come and religiously correct things and such. Thank you :D

:bulletblue: You don't have to be a demon at all. You can be a ghost or even human who has a special ability like KimRenYa where you can go to Hell without having to die or you could have been friends with KimRenYa and accidently ended up going with her to Hell and not dying. :w00t:

:bulletpurple: Ok, back to reality! :hug: Ok, so like normal. Be kind to all people and such. No fighting, being mean, all that bad stuff :tears:. I hope non of that happens here in this loving place... :B ya right :innocent:.


Did I mention it's 700 degrees down there :iconiloveyouplz:

Group Info

This is the place where you want make violence and not get in trouble. :dummy: Where you can be the demon you want to be. :evillaugh:
The world of HELL
You can be on the Cirque Du Hell side and be with KimRenYa and help the cast take down the Hell Angels. Or you can be on the Hell Angels side and try to purify hell and make sure that everything is nothing but perfect :devil:. Or you can be a human that finds their way to hell without dying and wonder along to either be eaten or help any demon you can find. You deadly life is your choice. But I only have one thing to say... Are you ready to face the torture and danger in the Cirque Du Hell? :crazy:
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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
So last we all heard CDH was on a long hiatus.
Well, I'd like to announce that Cirque Du Hell is making it's official come back.
And not just a normal come back , but a new and improved come back. With new characters and NEW PLOT.
You heard me right, a new plot that actually makes sense. I've been working really hard and can't wait to start working on the comic again.
I understand the restarts for this comic or getting old, but this is the last restart I will ever do for this damn comic. It's been 5 years since I first created this story, and it's about time people know what the fuck is going on.

On that note! People who have made fan characters!

I need new characters for the story. I have some fan characters already in the story, but I need some more! If you have or would like to make one for the comic, then message me and we can figure out what the new or existing role is. : )

Let's do this comic right for once ; )


P.S. This page will be going under some serious construction soon!
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